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How EssayWritingPool Works?

Post Task

1. Post Task

Post any task for as low as $1

You can post any task from questions, articles or helps (outsource). Once your task has been posted, you can decide to close the task or award a freelancer to work on it

Select a Freelancer

2. Select a Freelancer

Compare and award freelancers as you wish

Thanks to our user ranking system, you can select the best freelancer or if you already have one in mind, you can prefer them... Otherwise you can ask us to recommend someone for you!

Review & Close the Task

3. Review & Close the Task

Close, Request Revision or Dispute Task

Once the task id done (The freelancer marked it complete), close it if you are ok with everything. You can decide to close the task, request a revision or dispute the task and we'll investigate what went wrong

Browse Tasks

1. Browse Tasks

Several tasks for you to choose from

You can go to home page (Dashboard) and select tasks from there based on what you wish to do or if looking for a specific task you can go to task page where you can search for them

Bid on Task

2. Bid on Task

Simply Place Bid

The employer will be notified immediately and based on the current competition (other freelancers whom have also placed their bid on the task), the employer will choose the freelancer they prefer or specifically prefer any freelancer to work on their task

Accept and Work on Task

3. Accept and Work on Task

I can do it

By accepting to work on a task (once chosen), it will be officially assigned to you. You can now upload any files related to the task or create an online document to work directly on the site using our online editor... also remember to leave updates to the task by continuously making reviews

Review and Mark the Task Complete

4. Review and Mark the Task Complete

I'm Done... Yay

Once done, upload or save (if online document) your work, mark the task complete and make your final review. The employer will be immediately notified and decide to review and either close or dispute task